Contract Terms & Conditions - The Law

Fundamentals of UK Contract Law

The UK Legislation is often chosen by international organisations as the preferred law for the terms and conditions of their contracts. This short course will aid contracting, procurement and sales professionals understand the essential principles of terms and conditions that are the vital components of any contract.

  • Procurement professionals
  • Operations managers
  • Finance managers
  • Commodity specialists
  • Supply chain managers
  • Senior sales personnel
  • Managers and executives
  • Senior buyers
  • Become aware of the UK Contract law.
  • Identify the 5 essentials of a valid contract.
  • Understand the legal processes of a contract and identify the difference between terms vs. warranties vs. conditions
  • Recognise the role and objectives of:
    – Force majeure clause
    – Privity of contract
    – Termination mechanisms
  • Learn the meaning of commonly used Incoterms and how they are utilized in contracts.
  • Develop an understanding of conflict management and conflict resolution techniques.
  • The Formation of Contracts / Terms & Conditions
  • General contract structure
  • Essentials of a contract
  • Manner of Creation
  • Major and minor Terms
  • Ownership and Force Majeure
  • Remedies for Breach of Contract
  • (Un)Liquidated Damages
  • Incoterms & International Trade
  • Approaches to Dispute Resolution
  • Adjudication & Arbitration
  • Litigation

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