Build careers with the work-based BSc (Hons) Supply Chain Degree

by | Feb 16, 2021

CP Training Services is offering businesses an outstanding opportunity to develop their teams, improve recruitment and retention while simultaneously positioning them as an employer of choice. We are delivering the only BSc (Hons) Supply Chain Management Professional Degree for the workplace, approved for the Apprenticeship Levy, to help you unlock government funds and build your peoples’ talent.

That’s right, this superior work-based degree enjoys huge discounts in terms of payments via the Apprenticeship Levy. If you don’t spend it, you lose the money and the opportunity to upskill your workforce with gain a career-boosting qualification. No other supply chain degree is approved to use the Apprenticeship Levy. Our programme enables participants to develop the skills your company needs to evolve and run global and local best-in-class supply chains.

It encourages everyone across the business to learn about the end-to-end supply chain processes – from designing the product or service, to financing, making, moving, selling and everything else between – all while they work – using your company and their job as the subject of their Supply Chain Management Professional Degree.

Recruit new talent

Progressive employers offering on-the-job education opportunities (such as the BSc (Hons) Supply Chain Management Professional Degree) are more attractive to potential workers who may have otherwise gone to university. Many are understandably concerned about running up bills in the tens of thousands of pounds to fund university living. As such, providing an ‘earn while you learn’ opportunity is naturally an attractive option – driving up career advancement, earnings potential and value to the business significantly for all participants.

Retain existing personnel

CP Training Services’ qualification also provides existing employees with the chance get the degree that they never had the chance to prior to entering workplace. What’s more it’s a clear demonstration to your teams that you value you them and want to invest in their careers. Finally, but very importantly, employing team members studying for this BSc (Hons) degree will have a direct, positive impact on your company’s supply chain. The supply chain management expertise they accumulate as the course progresses will bring immediate value to your workplace.

2022 – there has never been a better time to develop your supply chain capability. So make use of your Apprenticeship Levy!

Find out more information about the course here.


The Supply Chain Academy are currently enrolling for 2022 and beyond – including remote learning options – for further information please check out their Degree Apprenticeship page HERE, or contact Alex Mortimer on 01708 259450 or

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