Demand Management

Demand Management Course

This compact, interactive course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth working knowledge of key demand and inventory planning policies, models and metrics.

The course helps participants understand the role of demand and inventory planning in the wider context of supply chain management. It aims to demonstrate how to improve the alignment between supply and demand to maintain good levels of customer service and on-shelf availability whilst eliminating excess stock and reducing inventory investment.


• Demand planners and forecasters
• Demand managers
• Operations managers
• Finance managers
• Purchasing and procurement professionals
• Category managers
• Supply chain professionals


• Understand the role of demand management and its benefits
• Identify the key demand characteristics and patterns; learn how to use them to improve forecast accuracy
• Develop an understanding of key qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods
• Learn how to conduct fundamental inventory analyses with a view to achieving the appropriate trade-off between stock and service level


The role of Demand Management

• The end-to-end view of Supply Chain Management
• Demand Characteristics and the Product Life Cycle
• Demand patterns
• Push and pull systems

Background to forecasting
• The forecasting Process
• Time-series methods of forecasting
• Calculating forecast errors

Inventory Analysis
• Categorisation of stock
• ABC Analysis
• Economic order quantity and minimum order quantity
• Safety stock and stock cover

Inventory Management
• Materials requirements planning (MRP)
• Stock replenishment systems
• Practical inventory management
• The cost of managing stock

Satisfied Customers

“We wanted our people to be more effective in line with our strategy. We have a good relationship with the Supply Chain Academy as they understand our business. I have had great feedback from the team on how effective the course was which they used immediately.”

Perry Jackson


“The team have made real positive changes since the training day at Supply Chain Academy; the course was highly relevant, a good mix between theory and practice and colleagues appreciated the relevance of the scenarios and case study to help them take the learning and apply at work.”

Blyth Priestley


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